Mental Health Map

This map does not reflect campus updates regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Please visit UC Davis Coronavirus and UC Davis Campus Ready for the most up-to-date information regarding campus guidelines and coronavirus updates. If you have questions regarding mental health support and available resources, contact us at  

How to Use the Map

  1. Click one of the three topic areas below. Each topic areas offers specific resources– e.g., I need help now, I’m in crisis offers crisis support locations on-campus for students.
  2. Next, select the resources of interest to you using the navigation menu below.
  3. Once you’ve selected the resources, click on “apply” to display the locations on the map. Note: the default for each map includes all locations specific to that topic area.
  4. Learn more about each location by clicking on the blue map pins. Each location provides information including hours, description, and address. You can also click on the location name – e.g., Acute Care Clinic to read the information on a different webpage.
  5. To clear your selections, apply the reset button to return to the default view.

Questions about the Mental Health Map? Email us at

I want to meet with someone

This map offers locations where students can meet with someone to discuss concerns, challenges, or other related experiences such as disability, academic concern, confidential support, and more. It is important to note that these are support resources for students, i.e. they are not strictly limited to mental health appointments.

Go to to find mental health support based on where you're located and your insurance coverage .