Sadness is an emotional condition that can feel when we are experiencing grief or unhappiness. We can feel sadness in different degrees, ranging from mild to severe. We can become sad when we have an argument with someone, experience death, or have problems with school or work. It is important to note that sadness is different than depression. We feel sadness like how we feel any other human emotion. Sadness will usually come and go, but depression usually has more long-lasting and negative effects on your life.

It is common for most people to feel sad at some point during their lives. Feeling sad is normal and there are plenty of ways to feel better. Here are a few ways that you can handle sadness in a healthy way:

  • Take a deep breath. Find a way to relax, such as taking a deep breath or taking a bath.
  • Think positive. Positive psychology has been proven to positively affect one’s mood. Although you may be feeling down, it is important to take some time and reflect on some of the good in your life.
  • Talk it out. Talk to someone you trust about how you are feeling. They can offer support and help you sort through your emotions.

If your feelings of sadness is significantly disrupting your day-to-day activities, please schedule an appointment with Student Health and Counseling Services by calling 530-752-2300.