Today I'm feeling disconnected... and that's okay.


At times, it is possible to feel estranged or isolated from others, whether or not we are surrounded by people. Feelings of disconnection are not always about our physical environment and can occur at any time. UC Davis is a large community and it can be difficult to find a place where we feel like we fit in.

With the variety of clubs and organizations on campus, it may be hard to know where to start and who to reach out to for support. Feeling disconnected is a normal experience and during these times it may be helpful to start by reaching out to a close friend or family member to let them know how you have been feelings. Other ways to find and develop a support system is through getting involved on campus in the UC Davis community. You might do this by checking out the Center for Student Involvement website or by going to the quarterly Student Involvement Fair. It may also be important to connect with our specific community. Below, you can find resources pertaining to certain communities in addition to more resources about getting involved on campus.  


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