As one of the universal emotions, anger is not foreign. Anger can be used as a form of communication to express how we feel about certain topics or actions of others. It lets us express what is important to us and set distinct boundaries. However, when anger is used excessively or in a harmful manner, it can negatively impact our lives.

There are many things that can cause anger. First, external causes, such as the actions of others, can directly trigger our anger. We are affected by the people around us and these actions are generally identifiable. Also, the state we are in at the time of the trigger influences how we react to the trigger. If you are hungry or stressed, you may be more inclined to become angry. Lastly, our appraisal of and ability to cope with the trigger will influence our response. If you identify the stimulus as being a threat instead of a neutral event, you are more likely to become angry.

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