Relationships can be the greatest blessing in the world and at times, a very painful experience. When I first entered Davis, I was excited to already have one friend, my best friend from high school who soon became my boyfriend. In the first week at Davis, we befriended another girl in the TAPS registration line. She introduced us to her friends at the dorms, and we all became a friend group. I was so excited to make friends at the dorms, because I was living off campus during my first year. For six months, I had a group of companions I could go on adventures with every day, and a boyfriend who my parents loved. This time was a whirlwind and was the best experience of my life… Until out of nowhere my boyfriend broke up with me over text on Valentine’s day. My high school friend group was also affected by our breakup since they were friends with both of us. Not only that, but my college friend group kicked me out of the group because I was not able to remain friends with my ex. To lose people I spent most of my days with was gut wrenching. I couldn’t believe that they, my friends, could abandon me. Especially my best friend. But it was the reality. In my second year they all moved in together, and I was left alone. Every day after school I would just come back to my apartment and cry and cry alone. I was fearful that while I walked around campus I would run into one of them and see how happy they were compared to the depressing me, who had no friends.

Before they all left me, I was accepted into a dance team, and our retreat was the week after Valentine’s day. I was still reeling from the breakup, so much so that I would randomly burst out into tears at the retreat. It was very embarrassing. When there was an activity about sharing what’s on our minds, I told my story about how broken I felt. I also talked about how my biggest fear was being alone. My team cried with me and promised to be my friends. I didn’t believe them at first, but they graciously accepted me into their friendships. I’m glad to see that even when relationships break and hurt, there will be new ones that can make me smile.

Written by:

Anonymous, UC Davis student