Academic Concerns

When I was a freshman, my fall quarter went surprisingly well because I was getting decent grades and had 3.0. Freshmen year winter quarter was when I started struggling in school more... I got more involved on campus not realizing Chemistry 2A would be so rigorous. It certainly did not help that the chemistry lectures were at 7:30AM. Waking up and going to class was a struggle even when I lived on campus. My grades suffered because I was consistently missing at least one lecture each week. I did not know about the chemistry and math tutoring available in the residence halls and I do not really like study groups, so I had a very hard time keeping up with both classes. I ended up failing Math 16B and had to retake it in the spring. I went through a rollercoaster of emotions when I got that failing grade. I wished I talked to someone before retaking that class just to reflect on how I ended up getting that grade and learn ways to improve for next time. 

Even though I failed math, I was not on academic probation so I thought it was not completely necessary to talk to an adviser. After retaking one class, I started having this mentality that it will be okay if I did not pass a certain class because I could always retake it. This mentality led me to not try as hard and to not seek the tutoring I desperately needed when I started taking physics during my sophomore year. This was a very toxic way of dealing with my academic struggles. No one told me to reach out to an adviser after failing a class, so I just reassured myself that it would be okay if it happened again. I ended up having to retake Physics 7A and 7B because I got a D in both of those courses. After having to retake three classes, I finally learned my lesson and started asking for help and seeking advice to prevent it from happening again. I wish it did not have to take me so long to find out all the available resources on campus to help me when I am struggling. 

Written by:

Anonymous, UC Davis student