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Scheduling Your First Counseling Services Appointment

Written by a UC Davis student

College is a unique experience that tests us all, challenging us to become the best we can be; It’s an overwhelming mess of self-discovery, confusion, and pursuit of passion. Whether it’s the stress of finals or something much deeper inside, most people struggle with mental health problems at some point in their lives. People are becoming more open about their struggles, seeking Counseling when they need it. After all, it’s an excellent and widely available resource upon college campuses, slowly gaining popularity in the past decade. Counseling reduces anxiety and stress, providing great coping mechanisms for daily life. At UC Davis, you can get the first 6 counseling appointments free of charge regardless of your insurance. It is offered free to every student regardless of gender, race, and orientation. If you are unable to go and seek counseling: there are also other ways to reach out and get help. You can text “RELATE” to 741741 (where you can text with a real person) or call 530-756-5000; both of these work 24/7 and offer free, completely confidential services. 

With all these options, planning your first counseling appointment can be overwhelming.

But have no fear! Accessing the resources you need is easier than ever: You can schedule your appointment in person on the second floor of the Student Health and Wellness Center or the second floor of North Hall. You can also call (530) 752-2349 to get in touch directly with Counseling Services at North Hall. If you need counseling services immediately, you can go to the second floor of North Hall in the Quad to get a same-day appointment or go to acute care of the first floor of the Student Health and Wellness Center. Here is a first hand account of just how helpful these services can be, as submitted by an Anonymous Aggie:

“One of my friends was going through a really bad break-up in the middle of our first quarter at Davis. He was really questioning his self-worth and wondering if he would ever get over his Ex. He said that couldn’t see himself ever feeling better and started feeling suicidal. Me and another friend took him to get counseling as soon as we could. We went to the Student Health and Wellness Center and got him an appointment in a few weeks, but he was still in absolute crisis. We were panicking; he needed immediate help, so I started to research. They have same day counseling at North Hall, which is where most counseling appointments are held. If you or someone you know is in crisis, you can go to North Hall and get a counsellor in the same visit. You can also go to acute care at the Student Health and Wellness Center and get help. We took our friend to both North Hall and Acute Care on separate occasions. We got him set up with counseling and he began to gain a much more positive outlook on life. He is doing so much better now! I want everyone to know what resources are available and how they can access them. And if you need counseling: you are not alone, we all struggle and you aren’t weak for needing help!” 

If you or someone you know needs help, please utilize the wonderful resources that UC Davis has to offer! They are here to help you succeed and feel confident in yourself.; the counselors on campus are people who genuinely want you to be happy. It’s normal to get counseling for your problems, and you should never feel shame in needing to talk to someone. 

In a college where you are surrounded by so many people, It’s easy to feel isolated in the masses. You are not alone and it’s okay not to be okay. UC Davis offers many services to its students to help them succeed. If you or someone you know is struggling, you can make a counseling appointment by calling (530) 752-2349 or by going in person to the Student Health and Wellness Center or North Hall on the Quad. If the crisis needs quick response, you can get same day appointments at North Hall or in Acute Care at the Student Health and Wellness Center.