We sometimes make rash decisions before taking the time to fully understand what the consequences of our actions will be. Impulsive behavior is that in which there isn’t much time between a thought and a reaction. In this process, we don’t stop to analyze a situation or take into account how others will respond to us. Instead, we make decisions and take actions based on our natural instinct or thought process.

Being impulsive isn’t a bad thing, but when it starts to negatively impact our lives, it can be harmful to ourselves and others. In order to become more aware of impulsive behavior and practice healthy ways to manage it, try to take a few minutes to analyze a situation before reacting. Learning how to control impulsive behavior can help strengthen relationships and help each of us flourish academically at UC Davis. If you are interested in getting help with managing impulsive behavior, schedule an appointment with Student Health and Counseling Services by calling 530-752-2300 today.